Toward Human Interaction with Swarm Robots



Biological flocks and swarms exhibit collective  intelligence even though the individual animals may follow simple  behavioral rules. This has inspired roboticists to explore how to create  bio-inspired robot swarms and flocks, partly because many robots can  only follow simple behavioral rules and partly because many robots are  fragile; bio-inspired robot teams can potentially exhibit collective  intelligence that exceeds the intelligence of any individual, and do so  in a way that is robust to problems with individual robots. In this  talk, I will present work on ways to include a human in the loop with  swarm robots. The goal will be to identify principles and means of  human-robot interaction that avoid treating the human as an infallible  oracle (at one extreme) or as an undesirable disturbance (at the other).  Issues of leadership, predation, stakeholders, levels of autonomy,  shared control, and dynamic systems will be addressed. [14 Nov 2013]