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2019 Generalized Track of OMG - Empathy Prediction ChallengeLile, FranceGeneralized Track of OMG - Empathy Prediction Challengesecond place
2019 Personalized Track of OMG - Empathy Prediction ChallengeLile, FrancePersonalized Track of OMG - Empathy Prediction Challengesecond place
2019 AVEC Detecting Depression with AI Sub-ChallengeNice, FranceAVEC Detecting Depression with AI Sub-ChallengeRunner-up
The IJCAI-2019 Eldercare Robot ChallengesMacau,ChinaChampion
The Annual Meeting of Robot Industries in ChinaBeijing,ChinaTop 10 Advancement Award
2017 Soft robotics research competitionHarvard UniversitySoft robotics research competitionRunner-up
RoboCup 2017Nogoya,Japen@HomeBest in Manipulation
IEEE ROBIO2016Qingdao,ChinaThe Best Conference Paper Award
RoboCup 2015Hefei, ChinaRobot BenchmarkingChampion
RoboCup 2015Hefei, ChinaSimulation 2DChampion
RoboCup 2015Hefei, China@HomeRunner-up
RiTA 2014Beijing, ChinaExponential Backoff-Sampling RRT for Smart CarpetThe Best Conference Paper Award
RoboCup2014Joao Pessoa, BrazilSimulation 2DChampion
RoboCup2014Joao Pessoa, BrazilFree Challenge in Simulation1st Place
RoboCup2014Joao Pessoa, Brazil@HomeChampion
IJCAI 2013Beijing, ChinaVideo CompetitionThe Best Autonomous Robotics
IJCAI 2013Beijing, ChinaRobot CompetitionThe First Prize for General Robot Skills
RoboCup2013Eindhoven, NetherlandsSimulation 2DChampion
RoboCup2013Eindhoven, Netherlands@HomeRunner-up
RoboCup2012Mexico City, MexicoSimulation 2DRunner-up
RoboCup2012Mexico City, MexicoFree Challenge in Simulation1st Place
RoboCup2011Istanbul, TurkeySimulation 2DChampion
RoboCup2011Istanbul, Turkey@HomeRunner-up
RoboCup2010SingaporeSimulation 2DRunner-up
RoboCup2009Graz, AustriaSimulation 2DChampion
RoboCup2008Suzhou, ChinaSimulation 2DRunner-up
RoboCup2008Suzhou, ChinaSPLRunner-up
RoboCup2008Suzhou, ChinaSimulation 3DRunner-up
RoboCup2007Atlanta, USASimulation 2DRunner-up
RoboCup2007Atlanta, USASimulation 3DChampion
RoboCup2007Atlanta, USAMicrosoftChampion
RoboCup2006Bremen, GermanySimulation 2DChampion
RoboCup2006Bremen, GermanySimulation 3DRunner-up
RoboCup2005Osaka, JapanSimulation 2DRunner-up
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