• Integrated Balance Control on Uneven Terrains Based on Inertial Sensors (Mar 8, 2011)
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  •     Balance control plays a significant role of handling disturbances for biped robots especially in the case of walking on uneven terrains. In this paper, we propose a new technique to achieve robust walking on uneven terrains which are not modeled in advance based on the readings of the inertial sensors installed on the robot. It integrates three balance controllers functioning in different cases. The first one is feedback control to the gait pattern generator that is able to resist to a disturbance as long as the support polygon allows. The second one is ankle joints control preventing the robot from tilting. The last one can resist large disturbances in the way of generating a recovery moment by lowering down the Center of Gravity (CoG). The planned footstep trajectory are strictly followed without employing additional steps. So it has a great advantage of walking on uneven terrains. The proposed methods are demonstrated on a real robot named Nao which has been widely used in RoboCup..

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