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An Enhanced Version, Jan 1, 2010

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  In this demo, Ke Jia was taught some causal knowledge through spoken dialog, with which she produced the same plan as one that was made with the build-in causal knowledge. In the experiments, we took a version of Ke Jia without any build-in knowledge about "balance", "fall", or any other equivalents. Ke Jia was told in the dialog that an object will fall if it is on the sticking-out end of a board and there is nothing on the other end of the board. With the knowledge and information, Ke Jia accomplished the task of catching the green bottle with the same plan: moving the red bottle first and them catching the green bottle. This indicates that Ke Jia's ability is substantially raised by knowledge acquisition through spoken dialog. It took no more than 0.5 second for Ke Jia to generate the plan with the taught knowledge. [Chen et al, 2010 ; Chen et al, 2009]describe the relevant technology we developed in Ke JiaProject.

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