• Serve Drinks (June 16, 2010)
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  •   The motivation behind this demo is to make low-cost humanoid robots able to do something that could only be done by high-cost robots like Asimo. For this purpose, we employ as hardware platform the Nao robot of academic version, which is much cheaper and equipped with a pair of 1 DOF hands. The demonstration starts with an inessential but warmhearted prelude---a Nao robot wakes up the host and tells him some information got from internet. Then the demonstration enters its substantial part---serving a drink to the host. After receiving the request from the host, the robot goes to the table, grasps and lifts up the tray, and brings it to the host . The "coffee"(In this version of the demo,there is no real coffee in the cup) needs to be prepared and placed on a tray in advance. The robot spent about five minutes to complete the fetching task, with more than 80% success rate.

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