• A Service Robot Copes with Changes: Understanding, Learning, Planning, and Acting
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  •      A service robot is expected to be able to work in changing environments. Users may change their minds after they have given their unspecific requests to the robot. They may ask the robot to complete a new task with which the robot's knowledge is insufficient. The environment (including the locations of users) may change from time to time. In order to cope with these changes, the robot must be able to understand the users' requests, acquire knowledge, generate plans and act in a timely, proper and effective manner. This demo shows a test on our robot KeJia in a scenario in which all the changing factors mentioned above are integrated.
        The dialog between the robot and the users includes following excerpt, from which one can see how KeJia copes with these changes:
    Allen: I would like a drink.
    Bill: I want a drink, different from Allen's.
    Claude: I would like some popcorn. Please heat it up with the microwave oven.
    KeJia: I don't know how to use the microwave oven. Could you please tell me?
    Claude: Please check the manual.
    KeJia: ...Ok, got it.
    Unknown: What will you serve us?
    KeJia: I'll give Allen some black tea, Bill some milk and Claude some heated popcorn.
    Unknown: I don't want the black tea. I would like some milk. Now I would sit by Bill waiting for my drink.
    KeJia: Now I have an updated plan. I will give you some milk.

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