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Legged robots have the ability of walking on uneven terrain and the adaptability to complex environment, which promise a wide application prospect in home service, education, planetary exploration, etc. Locomotion is one of the key issues of legged robots.
    Our real robot experiments are conducted with Aibo robots and Nao robots. We published more than ten papers and won the second place of SPL league of RoboCup.

Nao Robot Nao Robot Nao Robot Aibo Robot

Recent Projects
    Gait Pattern Generation
        Gait pattern generation copes with the dynamics of the robot and generates feasible gaits trajectories which lead to dynamically stable biped motion. [more...]

    Footstep Revision
        In most cases, we fail to generate the ZMP sample sets because the kinematic range is too narrow or we cannot find samples that satisfy search constraints. This usually means that the next step is too distant from the current step or has too much direction changes compared with the current step. [more...]

    Integrated Balance Control on Uneven Terrain(Sep 20, 2011).
    Real Time Biped Walking Gait Pattern Generator for a Real Robot(May 9, 2011).
    Integrated Balance Control on Uneven Terrains Based on Inertial Sensors(Mar 8, 2011).
    Punt Kicks, July 10, 2010.
    Serve Drinks, June 16, 2010


Year Rank Place
2009 Top 8(Nao) Graz, Austria
2008 2nd place Suzhou, China
2007 4th place Atlanta, USA
2006 Top 8 Bremen, Germany
2005 Top 8 Osaka, Japan

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