WrightEagle@Home League was founded in December, 2008. And took part in RoboCup@Home 2009. It was mantained by Multi-Agent Systems Lab. of University of Science and Technology of China.

WrightEagle is a RoboCup team developed by MAS Lab of USTC. It is the first Chinese team that ever entered the international RoboCup competitions and the first Chinese legged robot team. The team has continuously held positions within top 2 in simulation 2D and 3D leagues in RoboCup during the past three years and also got second place in SPL(4 legged) league in RoboCup2008 , Suzhou. Now, it consists of four groups, simulation, SPL, MSRS, and now @home.


Previous Participation in RoboCup

WrightEagle team is an active team in RoboCup competitions from 2000, the team has got many awards in the competitions since 2005.

Robot BenchmarkingSimulation 2D@HomeSPLSimulation 3DFree Challenge in SimulationEventPlace
3rd placeRoboCup2016Leipzig, Germany
1st place1st place2nd placeRoboCup2015Hefei, China
1st place1st place1st placeRoboCup2014Joao Pessoa, Brazil
1st place2nd placeNot attendNot attendRoboCup2013Eindhoven, Netherlands
2nd place4th placeNot attendNot attend1st placeRoboCup2012Mexico City, Mexico
1st place2nd placeNot attendNot attendRoboCup2011Istanbul, Turkey
2nd placeTop 10Not attendNot attendRoboCup2010Singapore
1st placeNot attendNot attendMicrosoftRoboCup2009Graz, Austria
2nd place2nd place2nd place3rd placeRoboCup2008Suzhou, China
2nd place4th place1st place1st placeRoboCup2007Atlanta, USA
1st placeTop 82nd placeRoboCup2006Bremen, Germany
2nd placeTop 87th placeRoboCup2005Osaka, Japan

please refer HERE to see the detailed information about WrightEagle team.

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