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Visits in 2013

Prof. Mike Goodrich

Talk Title: Toward Human Interaction with Swarm Robots

Biological flocks and swarms exhibit collective intelligence even though the individual animals may follow simple behavioral rules. This has inspired roboticists to explore how to create bio-inspired robot swarms and flocks, partly because many robots can only follow simple behavioral rules and partly because many robots are fragile; bio-inspired robot teams can potentially exhibit collective intelligence that exceeds the intelligence of any individual, and do so in a way that is robust to problems with individual robots. In this talk, I will present work on ways to include a human "in the loop" with swarm robots. The goal will be to identify principles and means of human-robot interaction that avoid treating the human as an infallible oracle (at one extreme) or as an undesirable disturbance (at the other). Issues of leadership, predation, stakeholders, levels of autonomy, shared control, and dynamic systems will be addressed. [14 Nov 2013]

Prof. Michael Jones

Talk Title: Head Mounted Displays in Deaf Education

Children who are deaf receive all instruction visually. In education, this means that the student can either look at what the teacher is saying or look at what the teacher is talking about. Dividing visual attention is particularly difficult when visual learning materials are distributed over a large area in the students’ field of view because the student must split their visual attention over a large area. Head mounted displays may reduce this difficulty by allowing a child to view sign language wherever they look. We have evaluated head mounted displays in sign language based instruction of children who are deaf. Preliminary results suggest that viewing sign language in a head-mounted display is comfortable and useful. In this talk we will present our work on head mounted displays in deaf education and present an overview of current research opportunities for new graduate students in Computer Science at Brigham Young University. [14 Nov 2013]

Prof. Gerhard Lakemeyer
Aachen University of Technology,Germany

Talk Title: The domestic service robot Caesar and beyond

In the first part, I will introduce the domestic service robot Caesar, which my group has been developing and operating over the past seven years. In particular, I will focus on the AI methods used and lessons learned over the years. In the second part, I will turn to current and future work regarding mobile manipulation tasks, where the action control of the robot needs to continuously interleave active perception and high-level planning with action execution. The robot has to deal with qualitative action and world descriptions as well as with uncertainty and quantitative data from sensors and actuators. I will outline how a recently started project together with partners from Freiburg University attempts to address these issues and present initial results. [2 Aug 2013]

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