Introduction to @Home Simulation

@Home Simulation is a simulated robot competition that focuses on high-level functions of home service robots, including Human-Robot dialogue, automated planning and reasoning. It aims to stimulate the research on intelligent robots' problem solving, and in particular, intelligent service robot's task planning and interaction with human users. This is to ensure such research can be carried out independent of hardware development of service robots, but still be helpful for the development as well as competition (in particular, RoboCup@home) of these robots.


The tasks of @Home Simulation are designed according to the typical indoor applications of an autonomous robot. Each competition task is specified with a problem domain description and a task specification. The problem domain description provides the initial state of the problem domain, while the task specification describes the users' task requirements by specifying goals and constraints along with relevant extra information. A dataset is used to inform the competing robot the problem domain description. Tasks can be specified in a natural language or a command language. This leads to two sub-competitions, the Natural Language Competition and the Command Language.

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@Home Simulation was first held in the RoboCup China Open 2009, Hefei. Since 2010 it became a formal league in the annual event of the RoboCup China Open, an international area competition of RoboCup

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