The ChallengeServer (Version 1.1) will be used for this competition. ChallengeServer runs on Windows XP, and is developed using Visual Studio 2008's Visual C++. At the moment, it only supports Windows system that has VS2008 installed. In other words, to run this platform, one will have to ensure that both VS2008 and Framework3.5 are installed first.

ChallengeServer is responsible for the management of the question bank (domain description and task specification). During the competition, it will invoke the competing program to solve the specified problem in a specified time frame (in this case, 2 seconds), and evaluate the performance to provide a score of the planning output. At the end of the competition, it will rank all competing programs according to their total score. A C++ interface, inherited from Plug class is required from the competing program to implement the corresponding interface methods and generate dynamic link library files (dll files). ChallengeServer uses dynamic link library files to invoke the competing programs.

ChallengeServer invokes the competing programs though the dynamic link libary files generated themselves. The competing program should inherit the Plug class, and implement the corresponding interface method. You may want to refer to the code under the sample folder in the ChallengeServer source code release.

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